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Translations into English

The following list are titles of wine books, encyclopedias and novels translated from Czech into English

My Life with Blondie by Jiří Klobouk

A fifty-year-old man, named Harley Davidson, has suffered since  puberty from a vivid  fantasy, a condition not as rare as it might seem: alongside reality, which he  perceives accurately, he has created for himself a second, parallel world of dreams.

For three decades he has been the faithful and constant admirer of an American idol - Blondie - an actress he once saw on a magazine cover.

In the apartment he shares with his girlfriend, he not only has an archive of clippings  and a collection of poetry inspired by his eternal wait for his beloved, but there's  even a chair prepared for Blondie's arrival.
We become acquainted with Harley's entire life - from childhood, through the demise of two marriages and participation in the Vietnam war, to the melancholy present of  an aging man afraid of losing his mindless job as a receptionist anticipating that  Blondie one day will book a room in the hotel where he works. When Blondie finally  arrives, for Harley the reality turns to another dream.

Other titles translated into English are:
Robert B. Vurm's Rudolf II And His Prague and Hommage à Bosch, as well as the Encyclopedia of Czech and Moravian Wines by professor Vilém Kraus.

My own Pocket Wine Guide 2000 to the Wines and Winemakers of the Czech Republic published in 2001 in the English language.

My own Guide to Slovácko Wine Sub-Region

and Jan Stávek's Guide to Velkopavlovicko Wine Sub-Region

published in May 2008 by RADIX Publishing, Prague with the support of the Czech Wine Fund

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