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Wine & Books

Presentation by Princess Bettina Lobkowicz of Château Mělník and wine books by Helena Baker

Dear friends of good wine,

We would like to invite you to an evening of tasting Zámek Mělník wines together with my wine books presentation, especially the latest titles:  Pocket Wine Guide 2007, translation of Hugh Johnson's Wine Book 2007 and the latest cookery book using aphrodisiacal ingredients as featured in the populary culinary CT1 programme Lads in Action - Kluci v akci (Edice CT) which I have co-authored with Maria Froydová, the script writer and assistant producer (see www.klucivakci.cz).  We look forward to seeing you at the Lobkowicz vinotheque in Vlašská 17, Malá Strana on Thursday 24th May at 6 pm.

R.S.V.P. Write to us

PS - if you would like me or Maria to sign any of the above titles for you, please bring the relevant publication with you (they are available in all bookshops) as the publishers have not supplied me with any copies for sale.

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